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GeoPegBoard Puzzle🌈

GeoPegBoard Puzzle🌈

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Keep Your Kids Or Grandchildren Busy Without Using Screens!

🌟 Enhance your child's cognitive skills with the Montessori Pegboard Puzzle, where they match picture cards to their own wooden pegboard creations for fun learning! 💡

Encourages coordination, creativity, and motor skills.

Montessori Pegboard Puzzles boast non-toxic paints and premium wood finishes for safety. The board has been fortified to prevent easy bending or breaking, and the lightweight, smooth pieces are resilient for repeated use without any harm.

Allow kids to explore their imagination as they create objects & characters using different pegboard pieces.

💡The Montessori Pegboard Puzzle is a fun way for your child to improve their cognitive abilities as they match the picture cards with their own creation on the wooden pegboard.
🌈Montessori Pegboard Puzzle
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