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InfernoGuard™ Blanket

InfernoGuard™ Blanket

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Extinguish Flames Securely in Seconds…
Simply throw it over the fire. It really is that simple!

This heavy-duty fire blanket is crafted from flame-retardant fiberglass, offering robust protection for your equipment and workspaces against sparks and spatter damage.

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Unfolds Moments: User-friendly, allowing you to swiftly extinguish fires.

Suppresses Flames Securely: Effectively quell fires within seconds. These blankets can withstand temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

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It serves as an ideal fire safety solution for various scenarios, including kitchen fires involving incidents like pan fires and emergency situations with car engine fires.

Guard Against Fires in Homes, Garages, Gardens, Kitchens, and Electrical Systems...

House fires, while incredibly dangerous, are frequently preventable. Empower yourself with the ability to protect your family. Attain peace of mind, knowing that anyone in your household can swiftly and effectively extinguish fires using our Fire Blanket.
Fiberglass Fire Flame Emergency Blanket


✅ Versatile Fire Extinguisher: Crafted from fiberglass cloth, this fire blanket can effectively extinguish fires by suffocating them, making it suitable for both liquid and grease fires.
✅ Safe & User-Friendly: Engineered as a crucial home safety device for emergencies, it is perfect for use in kitchens, fireplaces, grills, cars, offices, and during camping trips.

✅ Family Protection: Ensure the safety of your loved ones. This fire blanket swiftly extinguishes stove-top fires, and it is easy to use, safe, clean, and non-toxic.

✅ High-Temperature Tolerance: With a working temperature of up to 1022°F (550°C) and transient temperature resistance of up to 2012°F (1100°C), it can handle intense heat.

✅ Cost-Efficient: This blanket is reusable as long as it remains undamaged, helping you save money.

**Caution:** Only open in case of a fire. Contains microfiber glasses within the blanket.

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